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Garden Education Programming In Action


Last week, I was fortunate enough to see GCG’s two garden education specialists in action.  On an early Wednesday morning, Adrienne and Leilani (who let me tag along) made the drive up to Beverly, MA for their weekly garden education program.

At Beverly, there are three classes […]

Creating Edible Classrooms

IMG_3464_2As a Green City Growers business development intern, my primary focus has been spent cultivating new restaurant clients, various sales and marketing tasks like research and web page development, and learning the ins and outs of a company that helps […]

Chicken Myths BUSTED

Yardbirds Backyard ChickensThere are many myths out there about our fluffy friends and we are here to bust them all. Are you thinking of expanding your urban farm to include chickens? Here we give you all the information you will need […]

A Day at the Farm… On the Roof!


As a GCG marketing intern, one of the many perks of the job is getting to experience the various tasks of Green City Growers Employees.  Last month I had the great fortune of getting to tag along with Laura, GCG’s Director of Horticulture […]

Don’t Let Plastic Touch Your Food. Ever.

plastic Don’t let plastic touch your food, really? EVER? Why? HOW?

If you caught the On Point segment “The Safety of Plastics, Beyond B.P.A.” with Tom Ashbrook this week, you heard the strong warnings from Mariah Blake, the reporter for […]

3 Steps to Overwintering an Olympic-Sized Harvest

1656056_10152036131633843_107452953_nIf Russia can turn Sochi, a summer resort village, into a Winter Olympic host city, why can’t we also flip the seasons and make a successful growing season out of our cold New England winter (without the environmental impact of refrigerating […]

Top Tips to Ready Your Garden for Spring Planting

At Green City Growers we call readying your garden for spring planting “Spring Awakening.” Even gardens with cold frames that extend the season, New England vegetable gardens require a little TLC and replenishment to ensure a spectacular growing […]

Did You Know 30% of Our Food Supply is in Jeopardy?

Honey bees account for the necessary pollination of one third of everything we eat. One third! The increase in use of lawn chemicals, pesticides on crops and in gardens, and chemicals in the home is in large part to blame […]

From Field to Desk: The New Intern

Whole Foods Market RadishesHi there! My name is Paige and I’m one of GCGs two Business Development Interns for the spring. I’m a fair weather farmer, an on-again, off-again student, and a latte master at a cafe in Cambridge. My […]

Intern Orientation, Led by Third Graders

education-services-2As a new Business Development Intern for Green City Growers, I learned very quickly that I have quite a bit to learn about urban agriculture. During my first day on the job, I evaluated and analyzed questionnaires filled out […]

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