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Intern Orientation, Led by Third Graders

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As a new Business Development Intern for Green City Growers, I learned very quickly that I have quite a bit to learn about urban agriculture. During my first day on the job, I evaluated and analyzed questionnaires filled out by third grade students from Beverly, MA after they took a semester-long urban farming education program taught by Green City Growers.

These third graders have mastered some questions that could trip up many adults:

What are some reasons to use organic farming methods? So we don’t kill the plants or hurt our bodies. It will not kill the good bug and you do not want to be eating pesteside.

What is compost? Compost is waste decaying and turn into a soil great for plants. Compost is left over food scraps eaten by worms.

What kind of soil do vegetables need to grow? Soil […]

The Final Hours of Dan the Intern… the Legend

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Blueberry_BushesSince my first day at Green City Growers, back in May, I’ve taken away a lot more than I thought I would. Being an Environmental Science major concentrating in Geology and minoring in Mathematics and Physics, I don’t study anything outside the realms of science in school. This internship not only progressed my understanding of plant and soil science, it taught me the in and outs of how a business is run. Being a business development intern, a lot of my responsibilities include marketing, client outreach and sales; again, nothing I would learn or take a class on in school. Although I am excited to go back to classes in January at Northeastern, it has been an awesome change of pace.

Apart from all of the marketing and business development tactics I learned, this internship has made me […]

National Eating Healthy Day

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Today at Green City Growers, we celebrated National Eating Healthy Day. This is a day created to promote healthy eating among Americans and to get them thinking about making small steps towards better eating habits. Check out a video our intern Dan made commenting on healthy eating!

Whole Foods Market, Lynnfield: The Rooftop Farming Movement

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Living in a metropolitan city like Boston, many people don’t reside in areas that have immediate access to garden space and if they do, it’s in a place with contaminated soil that makes growing difficult and unsafe. More and more gardens have been popping up in unused area around the city, from alleyways to rooftops. Now imagine if these gardens not only beautified the city, but provided another essential use; imagine they provided an access to locally grown vegetables too!

This is exactly what Whole Foods is doing in Lynnfield, Massachusetts with the help of Green City Growers and Recover Green Roofs. Now, the patrons at this super market have the option to purchase their “regular” produce, or produce that was grown locally… so local in fact, it is actually grown on the roof above their heads! Completed in […]

Will You Have a Part in Victory? Will You “Grow Your Own?”

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Gardening_Program“Will you have a part in victory?” was an important question posed twice to the American people in the first half of the 20th Century; in 1917 during World War I and again in 1939 during World War II. A national campaign was launched promoting the cultivation of available private lands to increase local food production thereby greatly reducing shipping costs and helping the war effort. The Great Wars may be over, but the many benefits of “Grow your own!” are applicable today more than ever. So applicable in fact, one New England town teaches gardening to every 3rd grader as part of their “Be Healthy Beverly” initiative. 5 great reasons to grow your own:

1. Growing your own conserves energy and spares the environment. Today, the average distance food travels from the farm where it’s picked to your […]

Four-Step Berry Jam, Fresh From the Garden

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Fresh Berries Although berries can take a few years to get going, the wait is worth it. Once you’ve developed a berry crop, you can harvest from the start of summer, to well into the fall. There’s really nothing better than having several months’ worth of fresh-picked berries from a backyard garden.

Not only does the taste surpass that of the store-bought variety, but, you can freeze or preserve your berries for flavorful fruit throughout the winter.

One delicious way to make use of your berries is to make a simple jam. Whether you choose to use blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, or a combination of all three, jam is easy to make and is an instant crowd-pleaser to complement almost any meal.

The berries pictured here – picked fresh from our office garden – are perfect for jam, as the […]

Making the Most Out of Sunflowers

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The sunflowers in front of Green City Growers’ Somerville office are bright and in bloom, stretching high above the rest of the garden. With their soaring stalks and bright yellow petals, sunflowers bring color to almost any plot of land. But, sunflowers can do more than just add aesthetic appeal; in fact, sunflowers are an entirely edible plant.
Garden Sunflower
From root to leaf, sprout to stalk, you can use your sunflowers to make everything from salads to sunflower tea. Before chowing down, though, make sure the sunflower you’re about to enjoy has been grown organically, without pesticides, or any other toxic substances that might not be so kitchen-friendly.

Once you’ve confirmed your plant is safe to eat, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your sunflower. With a little creativity, you can […]

Former Intern Starts Her Own Rock Dust Business

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Have you heard about rock dust fertilizer? My name is Macy Horton and I am a guest blogger here to tell you about its wonders!  I was an intern at Green City Growers last summer, and working with the GCG team was one of the most formative experiences of my life.  The experience I had there gave me the courage, knowledge, and energy to start a venture of my own! That’s a lot more than most people can say for their internship experience.

This summer I have started a business selling rock dust fertilizer, and this week is myWEBSITE LAUNCH.   My fertilizer is called Granite Flour and it is a trace mineral fertilizer consisting of pure granite dust (a by-product of stonework companies).  When incorporated with a soil mixture, this fertilizer slowly releases over 50 trace minerals which work with […]

Intern Taylor Takes a Trip Back to Elementary School

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My name is Taylor Copeland, and I’m one of GCG’s business and marketing interns for the summer! I’m currently an undergraduate student at Penn State, majoring in Community and Economic Development, with a minor in Environmental Inquiry, and a specialization in Architecture. I am a native of Somerville, MA, so I was very excited to find this internship opportunity so close to home.

The Green City Grower’s Education Program and Services is something that really hits home for me. Growing up in Somerville, MA, I had very little educational background on topics such as agriculture, or more specifically, urban gardening and farming. I was really drawn to the fact that Green City Growers offers services that teach children how to plant and harvest, but more importantly, helps them understand where the food they are eating comes from. When I attended public school here in Somerville, I […]

The Urban Bounty Book Now On Sale!

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urban bountyWe’re excited to announce that “The Urban Bounty – How to Grow Fresh Food, Anywhere” is now on sale! From our many friends and supporters, we were able to raise enough money through a Kickstarter campaign to publish our first ever book. The farmers at GCG have drawn upon their experiences from growing food in traditional in-ground gardens to kiddie pools on a parking garage rooftop to write this comprehensive guide. The start to finish “how-to” for growing food in unconventional places will help you to create a growing space that will match your taste preferences and skill-level for seasons to come.

Content in The Urban Bounty includes picking the best spot for a garden, how to space plants and seeds, pest management techniques, guides for season extension, […]

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i want to eat food grown in my backyard!
i want my kid to learn how to grow vegetables!
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