Adaptive Raised Beds

gcg adaptive raised beds

Adaptive Raised-Beds Benefits

Raised-beds are a great way to grow produce in a contained, clean aesthetic on your property. Raised-beds can be placed on top of any surface, including concrete, rooftops, and gravel.

Our raised-beds are constructed using Douglas fir that we treat with a non-toxic wood stabilizer to lengthen the life of the wood. They have a bottom of weed block and hardware cloth. Our soil is a custom-blended organic mix that GCG developed specifically to use in raised-beds. Beds can be installed at different heights to be handicap-accessible. We recommend a range of heights to provide access for a variety of physical constraints. Dimensions are in 4’x8’ increments, but beds can be built to any dimension requested. We recommend no wider than 4 feet allowing for easy access.


4’x8’x12” Raised-Bed $850
4’x8’x24” Raised-Bed $1,300
4’x8’x36” Raised-Bed $1,700