Raised Beds


GCG Raised Bed Benefits

Green City Growers can install a raised-bed vegetable garden anywhere the sun shines. Our raised-beds can be placed on the ground, concrete, parking spaces or even rooftops. Raised-beds allow you to grow vegetable gardens in nontraditional spaces, as well as in yards that have lead contamination, which is common in urban areas.

GCG Builds beds in 4’x8′ increments. Custom sizes are available upon request.

We use #1 grade, kiln dried spf (spruce, pine or fir.) We then finished our beds with Timber Pro UV (a non-toxic wood stabilizer) to extend the life of the wood.

How Our Raised Beds Work

Attached to the bottom is weed block (spun polyester fabric) and hardware cloth (like chicken wire), allowing the beds to be placed on nearly any surface.

GCG also installs drip irrigation on our beds. Our drip irrigation configuration comes standard with the raised bed installation because in our experience it’s critical for a successful garden. Quarter inch black tubing connects the automatic timer (DIG) to the bed where ¼” lines with drip holes every 6 inches deliver water to the plants. Drip systems are water efficient as the irrigation lines deliver water directly to the soil at the base of the plant where the roots have easy access. The beds are watered thoroughly without a lot of excess, decreasing leaching of nutrients as well as wasted water.


Installation includes organic soil, frame, irrigation and installation

Small: 4’x8′ Raised-bed $850 per bed
Standard Size: 4’x12′ (2 4’x6’s) Raised-bed $1,250
Family Starter Size: 2 4’x8’s $1,650
Production Size: 3 4’x8’s or more $2,450 and up

*GCG also builds beds in 4’x4′ increments for $550 each, but does not recommend an installation smaller than 4’x8′ for optimal production and value.