Residential Garden Maintenance Plans

Basic Garden Maintenance


  • Bi-weekly garden visits (2x a month)
  • Visits are not at a set time
  • GCG will harvest for you (unless you don’t want us to)
  • Optional purchases for success: Our maintenance tool kit*, and Urban Bounty how-to book
  • Our standard follow-up email with a list of work done, every visit



  • Bi-weekly garden visits (2x a month)
  • A package of 1 hour of hands-on gardening education each month and one basic care visit
  • Education visits are scheduled for a time you and your family are available to work in the garden with us
  • GCG will teach you how to harvest, and give homework assignments to keep you or your kids engaged in the garden during the off-weeks
  • Recommended purchases for success: Our maintenance tool kit*, and Urban Bounty how-to book
  • Our standard follow-up email with a list of work done, every visit

Urban Garden Consulting

Recommended for small gardens and the DIY-inclined

$90 for the first hour and $75 for each additional hour

Consulting rate to work with you in your garden and cover the information you’d like to focus on.

  • Recommended purchases for success: Our maintenance tool kit* and How-to Book
  • Materials, such as plants and compost, will be additional costs (we charge for these items at-cost).
  • We recommend this program to be structured as a monthly visit, though it is not required.
  • The fee for the first hour covers travel and materials prep. 1 hour minimum charge..

*Maintenance tool kit includes: Organic Pest and fungal management sprays and recipes, Compost tea bags, trellising materials, organic fertilizer, hand tools, snips, and garden gloves

Other Details

  • *Maintenance rates will not vary depending on size of your garden. The rates are based off materials for up to a 4’x12′ (48sqft) garden bed. There will be an additional materials fee of $5/month per each additional 4’x4′ (16sqft) for sites larger than 4’x12′, to cover the additional plants and seeds. Gardens larger than 4 4’x8’ beds (128sqft) are subject to custom maintenance plans and pricing.
  • *Those located outside of the RT 128 belt will be subject to an additional $20/month for travel time and fuel costs.
  • *For the Basic and Farmer-in-Training programs, we require a commitment to the whole season. With cold frames, the season will be from March 1st-December 1st. Without Cold Frames, the season will be from April 1st-November 1st. There will be a cancellation charge of one month’s maintenance if you decide to break from the commitment at any point during the season.
  • There is an added cost for Spring Awakening up and Fall shut-down each year. This pre-planting set up costs $75 plus materials (typically in mid-march/beginning of April for non-cold frame equipped raised-beds) These visits include adding compost, soil amendments, cleaning out the bed, re-installing or taking down timers and blowing out the irrigation, and setting up or removing trellising and critter fencing.

Options and Extras

  • Initial garden and fruit consultations cost $50, which covers your site light analysis, bed placement, and plant recommendations
  • $85 per visit for unscheduled check-ups (emergencies, temporary assistance)
  • $25 per soil test take, for in-ground planting. $50 additional fee if you would like us to analyze the test for you and come up with a custom amendment  plan for your site. Amendments (such as lime, nitrogen fertilizer, or bone meal) are not included in the analysis fee, and each material requested will be an additional charge.
  • Pest fencing is $125 per 4’x4′, and $175 per 4’x8′. Fencing is recommended if necessary for the success of the garden.
  • Trellising systems are $25 per bed.
With GCG's help, our children now know where their food comes from.
--Quentin, Wellesley MA.
i want my kid to learn how to grow vegetables!
November  2014