Residential Raised Beds & Winter Cold Frames


Raised-Bed Installations

Installations include: high-quality organic soil, fir raised-bed frame treated with non-toxic wood stabilizer (NEW! Extends the life of the wood by 2x), and irrigation + timer. Non-toxic stains and bed colors available upon request.

Small (4’x8’) Standard (4’x12’) Two 4’x8s Three 4’x8s + up
$850 $1,250 $1,650 $2,450 + up

*Extra prep work like clearing the area where the bed is to be installed, sinking the irrigation line, leveling a bed on an incline, or removing soil/sod, is an extra charge of $50/hour + any extra materials used.

*All custom designs are subject to a design fee.

*Installations beyond 20 miles from GCG’s office are subject to an additional fee.

Cold Frames and Winter Maintenance

Cold Frames are like mini-greenhouses that fit on top of your raised-beds or can be placed directly on the ground, trapping heat from the sun to maintain a warmer environment than outside. During the winter, the temperature inside the Cold Frames can be up to 40 degrees warmer than outside, promoting healthy growth and keeping plants alive, year-round. With cold frame technology, you can extended your growing season into the late fall and early spring, with the potential to harvest year-round.

Cold Frames make growing in our Northern climate less of a challenge. Cold Frames are installed at the beginning of October or the beginning of March, depending on when you get started. Our cold frames come with a heat activated automatic arm that opens and closes the lid, which is critical in the Spring and Fall as temperatures fluctuate, allowing for the highest possible success rate without constant monitoring.

Cold Frames:

  • $400 per 4’x4’ raised-bed
  • $800 per 4’x8’ raised-bed

*Cold Frames are a one-time investment, and can be used year after year for over-wintering. Green City Growers offers a 2-year warrantee on all Cold Frame repairs and damage for our maintenance clients.

Options and Extras

  • Initial garden and fruit consultations cost $50, which covers your site light analysis, bed placement, and plant recommendations.
  • $85 per visit for unscheduled check-ups (emergencies, temporary assistance)
  • $25 per soil test taken. $50 additional fee if you would like us to analyze the test for you and come up with a custom amendment plan for your site. Amendments (such as lime, nitrogen fertilizer, or bone meal), are not included in the analysis fee, and will be charged extra per material requested.
  • Pest Fencing is $125 per 4’x4’, and $175 per 4’x8’. Fencing is recommended if necessary for the success of the garden.
With GCG's help, our children now know where their food comes from.
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November  2014