Restaurant Services

On-site Restaurant Vegetable Gardens

Be a Leader in the Local Food Movement

Supply your restaurant with fresh, organic produce by growing vegetables on your property. Green City Growers are professional gardeners who can work with your business to install, plant and maintain a raised-bed or rooftop vegetable garden that will supply your restaurant, cafeteria, or hotel with the freshest produce possible. You can cut costs, generate press and serve incredibly fresh food from your roof, deck, lawn or back alley!

On-site Food Growing Benefits

  • Access to fresh, LOCAL, chemical-free produce for your menu
  • Create a meaningful connection to your ingredients
  • Active participation in the “green movement” and energy conservation
  • Helps to create a collaborate environment for your staff
  • Cut costs and save time
  • Generate press and create a buzz*

*Read about our food service gardens in the Boston Globe, Stuff Magazine, the Brookline TAB, and more.

Past & Present Restaurant Clients

Aside from the wonderful food I’ve harvested from my garden this year, I’ve been thrilled by the attention and care I’ve received from Green City Growers staff. They installed my bed early in the season and before I knew it, I had bags and bags of greens. The season has been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve eaten and all that I learned from my own personal urban farmer!
--Risa, Arlington MA
i want my kid to learn how to grow vegetables!
November  2014