Restaurant Gardens, Yields & Value

Garden Yield & Grown Produce Value

GCG can chart out a harvest schedule and plant value chart for your restaurant based off your desired plant selection and volume. From an area as small as 350sqft, you can expect up to 1,000lbs of produce!

Growing Options

We typically recommend narrowing your options down to a few select crops that you can then source solely from your garden and not purchase from your suppliers. Herbs are often the selection best selection for restaurants, as you can grow the volume that the restaurant uses, as well as plant interesting and heirloom varieties not readily available from suppliers. We can also grow anything listed on our “Edible Offerings” document.

Other Benefits

Great Press! We’ve had a lot of coverage about businesses and restaurants growing their own. We’ve been featured
in the Boston Globe and the Weekly Dig about our work with restaurants, as well as features and many other publications (including the NY Times and USA Today) about urban agriculture. We also had our rooftop farm at Ledge featured on an episode of “Chopped” on the Food Network.

We recommend a certain amount of in-house marketing of the garden as well. We’ve taken high quality photos of the rooftop sites we’ve worked on and hung them in the store before, and we also recommend using an asterisk to mark menu items with produce grown from the roof, and including a small blurb on the menu about it. The more your customers are aware of the rooftop farm, the more excited they will be! We are happy to assist with this if you do decide to move forward.

We work with many area restaurants, including Ole Mexican Grill (Cambridge), B.Good (Boston), Ledge Kitchen and Drinks (Dorchester), Ula Cafe (JP), Table of Content Catering (Roslindale), Abigail’s (Cambridge), and the Seaport Hotel (Boston). All of our programs are custom-tailored to the needs of the restaurant, and we are happy to work with you to make sure that this is a successful endeavor for your restaurant.

Aside from the wonderful food I’ve harvested from my garden this year, I’ve been thrilled by the attention and care I’ve received from Green City Growers staff. They installed my bed early in the season and before I knew it, I had bags and bags of greens. The season has been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve eaten and all that I learned from my own personal urban farmer!
--Risa, Arlington MA
i want my kid to learn how to grow vegetables!
November  2014