Rooftop Gardens

Credit: Patrick Rogers Photography


Green City Growers installs urban farms high and low, including on rooftops! Rooftops have great potential to grow food for the bustling communities below, and in an ever-crowded world, why not utilize the abundant horizontal space right above our heads?

With gardens in such close vicinity, chefs are inspired to make seasonal dishes with their homegrown ingredients. Check out this video on how B.Good’s chef uses their garden.


Green City Growers installs and maintains many rooftop farms in containers throughout the Greater Boston Area. These include B.Good’s Washington Street location in Downtown Boston, and Flatbread in Somerville. The benefit of container farms (in raised beds, kiddie pools, or milk crates) is that containers can be set directly on the roof surface, and can be moved if necessary if a restaurant changes location for example.



REcover Green Roofs

Recover Green Roofs, a New England green roofing company, provides the physical foundations for our Green Roof farms, and we provide the planting and maintenance. Ledge Kitchen and Drink (which just won an award for their rooftop farm) in Dorchester, and more recently, Whole Foods in Lynnfield, are examples of the projects GCG and RGR have collaborated on. The video below details Ledge Kitchen and Drink’s rooftop farm, and how GCG and RGR work in harmony with Ledge.

Green roofs have benefits beyond the potential to grow fresh vegetables: they retain stormwater runoff, create cooler microclimates, reduce buildings’ heating and cooling costs, filter pollutants, and extend the life of a roof.


Exciting news!

  • Ledge’s Former Head Chef Marco Suarez and his rooftop garden were featured on the Food Network’s “Chopped.” Way to go, Marco!
  • Green City Growers is proud to announce that we have recently installed the largest rooftop farm in New England on top of Whole Foods in Lynnfield, MA. Whole Foods will use the Rooftop produce to sell in the produce section of the store. We’re excited to be part of this project and we hope this hyper-local concept will set precedent for future collaborations!

Want more info about our Whole Foods Rooftop farm?


Rooftop farms aren’t just for restaurants! You can have your very own at your business, school, home, or place of worship. For more information on our rooftop farms and how to get your own, contact us by phone or email.