Education Program Costs

Raised-Bed Installations

We recommend raised-beds to grow produce in a contained, clean aesthetic on the school’s property. Raised-beds work on any surface, including concrete, rooftops and gravel.

Our raised-beds are constructed using Douglas fir that we treat with a non-toxic wood stabilizer to lengthen the wood’s life. Weed block and hardware cloth line the raised-bed’s bottom, and they are gridded to allow for math problems and organizing multiple students. Our soil is a custom-blended organic mix developed specifically for raised-bed use.

Raised-bed price includes installation, high-quality organic soil and trellising. Custom designs and garden structures such as trellised entranceways, windowsill planters, perimeter fencing or other design additions can be quoted on request.

4’x8′ Raised-Bed $850
Cold Frames for season extension $800 per 4’x8′
Critter Fencing (if necessary) $225 per 4’x8′ bed
Recommended Installation
5 4’x8′ beds w/Cold Frames

GCG recommends 5 4’x8′ beds or more for most educational programs, though smaller gardens are absolutely possible with smaller groups. GCG also highly recommends installing cold frames for season extension as a way for the program to work best with the northeastern weather constraints.

On-Site Education and Garden Maintenance

GCG garden recommends 3-6 hours a month of hands-on education for a successful program. This can be set up as either weekly (1 ½ sessions), bi-weekly (1 ½-2 hour sessions), or a monthly visit (2-3 hour session). The normal program runs for 8 months (Sept-Nov, Feb-June).

GCG Educational Rate: $75/hour

Daily activities consist of a combination of hands-on gardening tasks, group discussions and educational activities. Gardening activities include planting, weeding, watering, pest management, trouble-shooting, harvesting and basic garden maintenance. Lively and interactive discussions and lesson plans will focus on a variety of related topics determined by Green City Growers in collaboration with the school staff.

The Green City Garden Education program can be customized to be compatible with any age group, demographic, curriculum requirements or special needs. GCG strives to give all children the opportunity to understand their food and where it comes from, and to gain applicable skills to make healthy choices

Average full program first year total
including raised-bed installation, for program run during the school year
Average following and subsequent years
or 1st year without raised-bed installation